Blue leggings!

Mal shows off her new tight blue leggings!

Twitter and Tumblr Q&A

Mal Malloy answers some of your questions while she chugs a beer…

– What made her want to put videos on YouTube?
What is her shoe size?
– Does she watch The Walking Dead?
– Would she consider doing professional modeling?
– How does it feel to be the PAWG Queen?
– Why hasn’t she done porn?
– Has she rented Dead Space?
– What are her thoughts on graffiti?
– Do she ever go to any conventions like Comic-con or E3?
– Does she make custom videos?
– Does Indo horde videos?
– What TV shows is she into?
Does her rump make noise when she jumps?
– Would she ever be in a rap video?
– Is she still doing a photoshoot with her sister?

Black leggings and update!

Mal gives an update on what videos are coming up, and shows off her lovely figure with measurements (37-26-45). I think those are some winning lottery numbers! lol

Video Suggestions Wanted…

Mal is looking for some suggestions on what she can do for her next video.

White Garter Belt

Mal dressed up all sexy in a white garter belt and satin panties with matching lacy bra. She was testing out the super slow motion function on her camera and you can now enjoy every single luscious frame of Mal shaking her caboose like never before! Wow!!

Accent Challenge

Mal takes the Accent Challenge.

Two of my favorite positions…

Italian sex? Pretzel dip? Yes, please!

Mal talks about sex, baby!

Three Outfits

In Mal’s new video she models three very sexy new outfits. The first is a skin-tight black dress which she pulls up to show off her stockings and thong, before stripping all the way down to her bra. The second is a red mini skirt and super low-cut black top. Cleavage galore! She shows her cute little boyshorts panties on under her skirt, too! The third, well, the third isn’t really an outfit. lol Mal comes out topless in pantyhose, just a blue scarf hanging around her neck draped over her beautiful body. Then handbra, of course. Easily, my favorite!

Mal Chatting with Her Twin Sister

Mal’s sister interviews her on her best and worst date.

NEW HD Camera Test

So, Mal went and got herself a brand new HD cam to share some videos. This one is actually in 3D! I don’t have glasses to test out that feature, though. Still, my spider-sense is tingling that some very special things are headed our way. Excelsior!