Ladies and gentlemen…I mean, mostly gentlemen, Mal Malloy has joined Instagram! Yes, this is really happening and, yes, the year is 2014!

Mal Malloy even makes eating a slice of pizza sexy!

Some subtle signs of life for Mal Malloy’s return over on Indo’s Place. He included this single picture of Mal that has never been posted before in an article about Olivia Munn and how important it is for models to be accessible to their fanbase. Touching briefly on the Mal Malloy phenomena. I hope this means she will start ramping up activity online again. Maybe even a Volume II DVD?

Indo’s Place recently released a seasonal easter egg video of Mal for the holidays.

I still have, yet, to find one. But here is the clue…

In the spirit of the holidays, this is fairly easy. The easter egg is in the model post with the 2nd highest comments ever behind Mal Malloy. Enjoy the Hunt! (yes another hint).

Indos Place is allowing pre-orders again on Mal’s sexy new DVD. Only till tomorrow, though, so get crack-a-lacking!

Posted On Indos Place on July 23, 2011

Posted on Indo Place on July 23, 2011