Facebook Deleted and New Forum!

Just a heads up that Mal’s Facebook accounts were deleted. Apparently when you reach the max friends level, they have a tendency to close accounts. The new Facebook fan page was also a casualty.

Fear not, however, she made a new Facebook here.

» Here is a new forum if you’d like to talk about Mal Malloy or other babes!

Mal Malloy Official Facebook Fan Page

Mal Malloy has a new fan page on Facebook. Her regular Facebook account ended up getting maxed out on friends (I guess you really can have too many friends lol) so she started a new one here: http://www.facebook.com/MalloyMal

This is her official fan page, run by the lady, herself!

Also…new pics!!!

New Mal Malloy Blonde Facebook Pics

Mal Malloy just posted some new pics on her facebook last night! I was surprised to see her hair was pretty blonde. She said she might go darker in the fall.

Second Pressing Sold Out!

I know I still owe you cats a review, but I have been extremely busy this past week. Good news is Indo said I could include some screen caps, so here is one from the David Boring easter egg. I’ll get more up included in with my review next week.

Miss Malloy also told me directly that it’s ok that I continue on with this site, which makes me feel great to have that endorsement from the lady, herself.

The first pressing of 300 DVDs had sold out completely, so there was a second pressing of 50 more made due to popular demand! However, those sold out immediately, as well! Hopefully you can convince Indo to make a third pressing if you still haven’t been able to order one. Even better would be if you can convince him and Mal to make a sequel!

New Mal Clip From DVD Compilation

My DVD has yet to arrive, coming from the West to the East coast. Might be a few more days still. I did find this video Indo posted on You Tube as a test back in June.

“Yes, she’s still alive, just not doing as many vids. A CD should be released soon on Indosplace.com compiling her vids in their original quality. There will also be a few unreleased/new vids. This is a clip from one of them.” – Indo Chine

It’s very short with Mal curled up in an easy chair wearing super tight pants. Hopefully will hold you over until you get your DVDs in the mail 🙂

It’s coming, it’s coming!!

Your package from Darker Image Publications is on its way. You can track it online using this tracking number…

Can’t wait!! I will post a review once it arrives.

Mal Malloy DVD Selling Out Fast!

Indos Place is reporting today that there are only 40 copies left of Mal Malloy’s new compilation DVD. You will have till August 7th to get in on this deal!

Click here to order the disc!

Please note, I have nothing to do with the disc ordering process; all customer service and ordering questions should be sent directly to Indo on his site.

Here are a few more samples:

I just love a lady who can handle a big gun. Mal puts the ASS in assassin…twice actually!

Indos Place is allowing pre-orders again on Mal’s sexy new DVD. Only till tomorrow, though, so get crack-a-lacking!

Mal Malloy Compilation DVD – Volume One

Indos Place is releasing a very special compilation DVD of brand new Mal Malloy videos! That includes about 3GB of Easter Egg files as well as new clips!

There was a pre-order that was supposed to run until August 8th or until supplies lasted…well, supplies did not last and it sold out in a day! lol I totally missed out myself! Doh!

There might be more made available after the pre-sale discs go out on August 12th. I’m hoping anyway!!

“I should note, I’ve included some mild nudity and the like for the dvds.” – Mal Malloy

Holy crap!!

» Click here for the latest on the Mal Malloy Compilation DVD!

Here are some samples!

Posted On Indos Place on July 23, 2011