Mal Chatting with Her Twin Sister

Mal’s sister interviews her on her best and worst date.

NEW HD Camera Test

So, Mal went and got herself a brand new HD cam to share some videos. This one is actually in 3D! I don’t have glasses to test out that feature, though. Still, my spider-sense is tingling that some very special things are headed our way. Excelsior!

New Mal Clip From DVD Compilation

My DVD has yet to arrive, coming from the West to the East coast. Might be a few more days still. I did find this video Indo posted on You Tube as a test back in June.

“Yes, she’s still alive, just not doing as many vids. A CD should be released soon on compiling her vids in their original quality. There will also be a few unreleased/new vids. This is a clip from one of them.” – Indo Chine

It’s very short with Mal curled up in an easy chair wearing super tight pants. Hopefully will hold you over until you get your DVDs in the mail 🙂