I am not Mal Malloy nor am I associated with her. I wish! lol I’m just a fan.

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Who is Mal Malloy?

Mal Malloy is a beautiful voluptuous lass that started posting personal weight loss videos on YouTube under the moniker Watchmalshrink in early 2010. Unintentionally building a fanbase that was more interested in admiring her curvy figure than they were wanting to watch her lose it, she quickly became an internet sensation of epic proportions about her epic proportions.

After having her original YouTube page closed down, she started collaborating with the website Indo’s Place on new videos, continuing to push boundaries of just the right amount of sexiness and tease like the pinup legends of yore.

I am a huge fan of Mal Malloy so I created this website so that others can find out about her latest exploits!

Mal Malloy Nude on Patreon!

Wow guys, it’s been a long time, but Mal Malloy is finally back! And best of all, she’s now sharing her beautiful curves with us by getting nude on Patreon!

This is the moment we have been waiting for all these years! However, as we’ve come to learn, she’s here one day then gone, so you better hurry and join!

Ladies and gentlemen…I mean, mostly gentlemen, Mal Malloy has joined Instagram! Yes, this is really happening and, yes, the year is 2014!

Mal Malloy even makes eating a slice of pizza sexy!

Red Leggings Feet and Cleavage Pics

Mal Malloy is donning red leggings in these photos and showing off her cute feet and massive cleavage in a tight black shirt.

White Leggings Pics

A taste of things to come for the next video?

Blue leggings!

Mal shows off her new tight blue leggings!

New Easter Egg

In case you missed it, Indo’s Place posted a secret new Mal Malloy Easter Egg video a couple of days ago. He posted the only hint in the comment section in the Mal’s Return post.

New Easter Egg up… The long awaited clip behind this pic. Those wanting to see the 160lb Mal, look no further.

Hint: EE is associated with a top Indosplace model

Twitter and Tumblr Q&A

Mal Malloy answers some of your questions while she chugs a beer…

– What made her want to put videos on YouTube?
What is her shoe size?
– Does she watch The Walking Dead?
– Would she consider doing professional modeling?
– How does it feel to be the PAWG Queen?
– Why hasn’t she done porn?
– Has she rented Dead Space?
– What are her thoughts on graffiti?
– Do she ever go to any conventions like Comic-con or E3?
– Does she make custom videos?
– Does Indo horde videos?
– What TV shows is she into?
Does her rump make noise when she jumps?
– Would she ever be in a rap video?
– Is she still doing a photoshoot with her sister?